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1. Who will write my article?
It depends on your choice. You can ask us to write articles for you. We will send you article to you to check its quality. When you will finalize, we will start submissions. Otherwise, you can also give us any article you want us to submit.

2. What is the guarantee that written article is unique not copied?
It is very simple. You can go to and paste the text there. If the content is copied, it will tell you where the text is taken from. You can check it yourself.

3. What material do you require to start article submission service?
We need the title of the article, your site’s main keywords, text for Author’s resourcebox and the URL of main page or the inner page.

4. What if I don’t know to write text for Author’s Resource box?
No problem, you can tell us. We can help you write resource box text. Also, on your demand, we can write that text for you.

5. How many links will I get with one article?
Usually Author’s area allows two links. You will get two links at a time with one submission.

6. Can I use this service to promote my inner pages?
Yes, why not. You can promote as many pages as you want. We will use different keywords according to your site’s page to promote each page of your site.

7. What is the approval rate?
Article submission has approval rate more than 80%. Our team of experts write articles of high standards which get approved quickly. We only submit to sites that maintain their quality of work.

8. How can I check if the articles were actually submitted and to which sites?
We send reports to all our clients on regular bases in excel form. It will tell you the site, category, status, login information, site’s PR we submit article to and many more information. You can easily log in to each site and check the submission.

9. How much time my site will take to get included in top pages?
Minimum, it will take 15 days. However, it may take 1 to 2 months for site to appear in top pages. It also depends on keyword competition. More competitive sites come on top in almost 2 months and keywords with less competition will come up in 15 days or so.

1. How would I check that my site has been bookmarked?
We send regular reports to our customers that contain the necessary information including the site, log in information, bookmark category, URL of bookmarking page, etc. All the information is recorded in an excel file. You just need to open the bookmarking site one by one to see your links there.

2. How long it will take my site to appear in top pages of major search engines?
It may take 15 days to 2 months or so. It mainly depends on keyword competition. Less competitive keywords come up easily in 15 to 20 days and more competitive keywords need more work to be done and come up in 1 to 2 months. SEO is a low process but it gives your business a permanent boost in traffic. The resulting traffic and sales are long lasting.

3. Do you submit my site with an auto submitter?
No, not at all! We dislike auto submitters because they seem to be spam in the eyes of search engines. We do all the submissions manually. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to only site bookmarking.

4. Can you send me sample report for review?
Yeah sure! You can see sample report by asking us to send you. Visit our contact us page and ask us there.

5. What page rank sites you will bookmark my site to?
We only submit to quality high page rank sites for true benefit. It will provide you high page rank and quality links which is your requirement of business success. We submit to PR1+ to PR8 sites. SEO seems natural when it contains links from various PR sites.

6. Do I need to provide you submission content?
Yes it is highly recommended. You can provide us the title, description, etc. for your site’s submissions to bookmarking sites. However, if you cannot write this data on your own, we can help you in this task.

7. What data do I need to send you to start the social bookmarking service?
You need to send us the URL (the URL of the page you want us to submit), title, description, keywords of the page being submitted.

8. Who will create all the emails and accounts on social bookmarking sites?
We will do this task for you. This is the part of this service package to create email addressed if required and also to create accounts on all social bookmarking sites for submissions. We store all the information in an excel file which you will receive as report on regular bases.

1. Who will write my press release?
We offer writing press release for you. We have a big team of professional SEOs who are dedicated for this work only. They will write your press release.

2. Do you send press release for approval before submission?
Yes we can send you press release before we submit that. When you will approve the write up, we will submit that press release.

3. What is the length of press release write up? We usually write 400 to 500 words press release. The write up is prepared in a newsworthy style.

4. What data I must submit you for press release distribution service?
You need to send us press release title, summary, keywords, website address, company name, owner’s name, contact number, etc.

5. Do you ensure work completion on time?
Yes we always complete our link building campaigns on time. That is how we have earned this repute in the world of internet marketing. We do quality work but in time. This makes us distinguished from others.

6. How many keywords would you include in press release?
We include up to 3 keywords in your press release.

7. Are all links permanent?
Yes, all links are free of cost and permanent. You don’t really need to worry about the quality and worth of the link.

1. Are these links DoFollow or NoFollow?
We only submit to blogs that allow DoFollow comments. There are tons of blogs that allow NoFollow Comments but we avoid them because they are of no use. With DoFollow links, you will get strong one way backlinks.

2. Who will add these comments?
We have a team of experts who submit comments in blog posts. They are SEO professionals and working with us dedicatedly for blog commenting only.

3. Do you submit comments according to my niche?
Yes definitely. If comments are submitted to relevant blogs, they prove a very good backlink. So, we submit keeping your niche in mind.

4. What is the approval rate?
Well, we only submit to blogs which ensure approval. Some approve links instantly and some need review by the admin. But, finally all links will get approved.

5. Are all the links permanent links?
All links that we submit are permanent links and won’t get deleted.

6. Do you write comments yourself or ask me to provide you with comment’s text?
We will write all the comments for you. It is the part of the package of blog commenting service that you buy from us. All the comments are written by our highly professional SEO experts.

7. Will these links get indexed by major search engines?
As mentioned above, all links are dofollow links and they will get indexed. Search engines like blog and consider its comments. So you links will get indexed soon. Each link will be big benefit for your site.

8. What PR blog you will add my site’s link to?
We only submit to high PR blogs so, we use PR2 to PR7 sites for submission of blog comments.

1. Are all the links Dofollow links?
Yes all the links we post are Dofollow links with high quality website and good page rank.

2. What PR forums you will submit my site to?
We only submit in high quality forums having high PR so that it benefits your site in a positive way. Usually we submit to PR 1+ to PR 8 sites.High PR sites give you standard links that adds to your site’s valuein all major search engines.

3. Are all the links permanent that you submit?
Yes, all the links are permanent links and need no money and reciprocation for inclusion. All links are free and permanent.One way links are the soul of SEO process and the effects of forum link building are long lasting.

4. Who will submit the links?
We have a team of experts who do only this work. This has made their expertise in this field. They will post your links to forums. All the team members are SEO professionals with experience of several years.

5. What if my links look spam?
No, it won’t happen. We submit links in a natural way. We do not directly promote your business. Instead, we answer valuable comments and smartly add links. It will look like natural conversation is going on.

6. Can I expect from you that you will meet deadlines?
Forum link building is not like other services in which you have to wait for your link to come live. In some forums links are live promptly and some need administrator approval for inclusion. Usually all forums are active forums and review links soon. So, we finish our work in time. No do not need to worry about delays. We have searched and created a list of such forums which make your link live soon or with the delay of one or two days. So, we know when your work will end. Also we do submit to forums where they take several days to approve post but it will also benefit your site in a way because your natural link building process goes on.

7. What do you do in the case of a broken or deleted link?
We are totally responsible to give you full count of links as per commitment. So, you don’t worry at all. We will gladly replace any broken or deleted link. We do it without taking any additional money from you but within in one year warranty of your order.

8. How many posts you will add per forum?
We usually post up to 5 posts per forum.

9. Can I add multiple signatures to promote various pages of my site?
Yes of course you can. Usually forums allow one or two signatures however, there are forums which allow many signatures. We have to find them which will need extra work. We charge you some extra money for that.

1. Who will write my content?
We have various teams of experts who perform this job for you. They are expert article and content writers with experience of various years.

2. Is all the content unique that you write?
Yes we produce 100% unique articles based on your niche. We are charging to deliver you quality content so we write custom based articles dedicated to your webpage only.

3. What information I should provide you to start work on my article?
You need to provide us your keywords of your page you want us to write the content for.

4. What is the quality of your content?
Our experts write quality content. They put keywords into the text smartly that it seems like promoting your page naturally. They know how many words one good article should contain. They know the information provided in the article should be useful and attractive. They make the flow of article interesting that no one can leave the page without reading the entire article. The concept and the language of the article will be simple and clear.

5. What are the possible sections of the article you write?
A good article should contain title, introduction, body of the text, summary and ‘About the author’ section.

6. How many words you deliver per article?
We write articles of 500 w to words as standard. However, if you have a need to have articles of more or less count. You can ask our active customer service to set a dynamic package for you.

7. Can your team write on every topic?
Yes our team of experts can write articles about any topic. They are very good researchers who search on the internet for useful information and then write your article keeping those points in mind.

8. What will the text of resource box include?
Your resource box text will include two main keywords of your site which you want to promote. This provides you the opportunity to ask readers to visit your site. This really increases the site traffic.

9. Do you give me a chance to proofread my article?
Yes, after finishing the write up , we will send it to you. You can proofread the article and check the quality.

10. What if I need some changes in my article?
You can email us or contact our customer service at any time. We reply our clients promptly with quick response. You query will be solved as soon as possible.

1. Are the entire links one way links?
Yes all the links created by this service are one way links. All links are absolutely free and require no backlink or money.

2. Who will create my Squidoo lens?
We have a team of experts who are dedicated to do this work only. They will create your Squidoo links because they know what content to put, what keywords are better for your webpage and what other things should be present to create an active Squidoo lens.

3. What services are included in the package?
Our team will do all the work for you including writing your Squidoo post, creating the account, creating the lens, etc. You just need to buy one package from our site which suites you the most and leave rest of work to us.

4. What content you will produce for each Squidoo lens?
We produce well written 500 words articles for Squidoo lens creation with all the main keywords of your website. Active lens need more content including pictures etc. We produce these pictures for you as well. Once a lens is rated as active, it will index in search engines very soon.

5. Do I need to provide you the main keywords of my site?
It is optional. If you are confident about your keyword selection, then it’s fine. Otherwise you can discuss this matter with us and we can suggest keywords for your webpage.

6. How many keywords you will promote per Squidoo lens?
You can expect up to 10 keywords per lens.

7. Can I promote inner pages through Squidoo lens?
Yes this service is wonderful and successful. You can promote each and every page of your website through Squidoo lens with different keywords for each. This way you can have a variety of keywords to compete in search engine market.

8. How will I know my lens has been created?
We send regular reports to our customers with all the necessary information. You can check all the login information in the excel file we will send you. You can easily login into your Squidoo account and check your lens and its status.

9. Will I own the lens after it has been created for me?
Yes of course. We are working here for you and charging for you for the services we provide but the entire work belongs to you. After the work ends on your campaign, you will get report and all the information. Although we keep information for record but we don’t use it any further. You will be 100% in charge of the lens to make any changes to it.

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